SWIR Infrared Cameras for High Temperatures

High-resolution, radiometrically calibrated for temperatures from 300 to 1700 °C

  • SWIR Infrared Cameras for High Temperatures
    SWIR Infrared Cameras for High Temperatures

Specially designed for thermographic measurement tasks involving very high temperatures and challenging materials are SWIR infrared cameras ImageIR® 8100 and ImageIR® 9100. Both thermography systems operate in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) range and extend InfraTec's thermographic temperature measurement portfolio. In high-temperature applications between 300 °C and 1,700 °C, for example, they enable emissivity-optimised temperature measurements on metallic surfaces. Other applications include additive manufacturing and laser applications, welding processes and press hardening in the metal industry.

Different resolutions – radiometrically calibrated

The cameras do not require a mechanical cooler. This makes them suitable for maintenance-free continuous operation. With the new InfraTec SWIR cameras, users have at their disposal thermographic cameras that are equipped with a high degree of measurement accuracy as well as very good short and long-term stability.

Compact, robust and easy to integrate

The modern interface concept makes it easy to control the camera and to acquire data in full frame format up to 237 Hz. Combined with the control and analysis software of the IRBIS® 3 family, the new SWIR infrared cameras from InfraTec are a versatile tool for numerous monitoring and measuring tasks.

With their compact design and low weight, the ImageIR® 8100 and ImageIR® 9100 SWIR infrared cameras are ideal for integration into existing system environments. The ImageIR® 8100 and ImageIR® 9100 are extremely rugged and perform well in harsh environments. With the included Software Development Kit (SDK), all camera features are easily accessible.