Radiometric Zoom Camera – ImageIR® 6300 Z

Smaller, lightweight, without tedious lens changes

  • Radiometric Zoom Camera – ImageIR® 6300 Z
    Radiometric Zoom Camera – ImageIR® 6300 Z

Efficiency has a new name: ImageIR® 6300 Z with a powerful zoom lens and a SWaP detector (Size, Weight and Power).

The zoom camera ImageIR® 6300 Z is a small, lightweight, compact system for universal use in thermographic temperature measurements in a wide range of applications. Its excellent price-performance ratio and remarkable user-friendliness result from the systematic use of the latest technologies in optics, detector and electronics.

It has a 7.5× zoom lens integrated as standard, which allows, in combination with the motorised focus, a fast and flexible adjustment to different object distances and sizes while maintaining stable image quality and high measurement accuracy.

The high-end thermography systems of the product line ImageIR® are conceived for researchers and scientists, who depend on flexible infrared camera technology with maximum sensibility, accuracy, spatial resolution and speed.