Digital Mass Flow Controller

With fast settling time

  • Digital Mass Flow Controller
    Digital Mass Flow Controller

Sensirion releases a new digital mass flow controller, suitable for diverse applications in the industrial and medical technology sectors. The new device leverages the CMOSens Technology to provide high accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Its high long-term stability enables precise control over a wide control range of 1000:1. Its fast settling time is 50 milliseconds. The new mass flow controller features both analog and digital interfaces, enabling new features such as optional multigas, gas recognition and self-test capability.

The mass flow controller operates from a standard supply voltage of 14-24 VDC. It can be used with input pressures up to 10 bar (145 psi), and it is resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Due to fast reaction time of the flow chip combined with fast control algorithm and valve, inlet pressure fluctuations can be regulated in real time providing stable output flow profile. The mass flow controller features a vacuum-tight stainless steel package of the flow chip which is mounted on a sturdy aluminum or stainless steel flow body. The new SFC5000 is available with various connection options (down-mount, C-/W-seal, Swagelok, VCR and VCO). All this makes the new mass flow controller apt for controlling and monitoring mass flow in many different applications such as plasma etching and deposition, process automation, analytical instrumentation, medical anesthesia/ventilation equipment and other areas.

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