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Flow Meter
Flow Meter

Offering forward and reverse flow measurement, McCrometer’s Model 394L FPI Mag full profile insertion multi-electrode flow meter is suitable for municipal water or effluent wastewater treatment, retrofit applications, confined spaces, locations never metered before and large lines. In addition to its compact design and easy hot tap installation, it comes standard with an L-Series converter that is calibrated to provide precise real time indication of flow and the totalized flow volume similar to a full bore electromagnetic flow meter. Packaged in a heavy-duty 316 stainless steel sensor body for maximum structural integrity, the sensor is coated with a NSF certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating for operational longevity. The flow meter is available for line sizes from 102 to 3,505 mm. With precise measurement, it features an accuracy of ±1% of reading, ± 0.09 m/s zero stability from 0.09 to 6.01 m/s velocity range in both directions. The flow sensor requires no recalibration in the field. Its multi-electrode sensor design compensates for variable flow profiles, including swirl, turbulence, and low-flow conditions by reporting the average flow rate over the full diameter of the pipe.  With no moving parts and a single-piece design, the flow meter contains nothing to wear or break, and it is generally immune to clogging by sand, grit or other debris.

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