DIN-Rail Power Supplies REDIN45 and REDIN60

Available with standard output voltages of 12VDC and 24VDC, adjustable by a front cover potentiometer

  • DIN-Rail Power Supplies REDIN45 and REDIN60
    DIN-Rail Power Supplies REDIN45 and REDIN60

RECOM has released the REDIN45 and REDIN60, two new DIN-Rail power supply families, with 45W and 60W power respectively. Special attention was given during the development of these units to make them as durable and reliable as possible by using high quality components and generous design margins to ensure a long, trouble-free life. The idea behind them is "Fit & forget!" because once fitted, they should never need any further attention.

The PSUs are available with standard output voltages of 12VDC and 24VDC, adjustable by a front cover potentiometer. The excellent line & load regulation of the REDIN series ensures a stable constant voltage output, which is signaled through a front panel "DC-OK" lamp. The modules are also equipped with voltage-free "DC-OK" contacts, to either directly control a remote indicator lamp or to send a signal to a central monitoring point. Contacts of multiple modules can be daisy-chained to generate a general "System Power OK" signal.

The operating temperature range is -20°C to +70°C. The high efficiency reaches 87% and low stand-by losses (<0.5W) reduce energy consumption and heat generation to a minimum. Most power supply failures occur because of input voltage surges and transients, so special care was given to designing a robust input filter. In addition, a long hold-up time of 50ms at full load ensures a stable output even with unreliable mains inputs. The power supplies are equipped with numerous safety protection measures as standard; besides short circuit and over-current protection with automatic restart, they are also over-temperature and over-voltage protected with a latching function. The power supplies are fully certified by UL to IEC/EN/UL60950, CE and UL508. A universal input voltage range of 85VAC to 264VAC and altitude up to 5000m means that they are suitable for worldwide use.

The compact DIN-rail power supplies with dimensions of 88.6x41.1x101.4mm (LxWxH) save DIN-rail space because the modules can be installed next to each other without the need for any spaces between. As an alternative to end-mounting, the power supplies can also be side mounted for use in in low-profile cabinets.

All REDIN power supplies are designed for 24/7 continuous operation. Therefore, the modules are all 100% burn-in tested under full load and undergo stringent final inspections. The long design lifetime has also been proven in accelerated aging testing. RECOM is so confident of the robustness of the REDIN series that is gives a full 7 year warranty - more than double than most of the competition. The modules are available from all major distributors.

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