Durable Ball Valves in Hygienic and Non-hygienic Applications

Cavity filled design with reinforced PTFE seats

  • Durable Ball Valves in Hygienic and Non-hygienic Applications
    Durable Ball Valves in Hygienic and Non-hygienic Applications

The BLV1 Series is the new addition to the SPX Flow’s portfolio of valves that are broadly used across dairy, food & beverage, chemical processing, personal care, and other industries. These valves provide both durability and economy, as well as a common look, controls interface, and spare parts holding benefits with a multi-valve system. They are available with a simple manual handle with or without position feedback. Advanced control unit options include the CU4 Series with ultra-bright LED position sensors and internal solenoids offering efficiency, clarity, and reliability.

“The addition of this ball valve range provides customers with the convenience of a ‘one stop shop’ for all their valve needs.” Chris Sinutko, Global Product Manager at SPX FLOW

Chris Sinutko, Global Product Manager at SPX FLOW, commented: “The BLV1 is a competitive, reliable, yet economical workhorse for a wide variety of applications. The BLV1 series is provided based on our long expertise in hygienic and other industrial applications. Having common parts with other valve types from both the APV and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell range, customers not only have the convenience of dealing with a single supplier but also benefit from greater efficiency for maintenance operations.”

Easy to install, service, and maintain

The BLV1 design is cavity filled with reinforced PTFE seats, stainless steel construction, and FDA approved food grade materials to provide hygienic performance. For utility service and other industrial chemical applications, the valves are designed with high temperature and pressure ratings and without the use of silicone. Other features include a wide range of both inch and metric sizes, full port opening for unrestricted flow in the open position, and lockable manual handle for added security.

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