Electric Cylinders in Standard Sizes

Replacing Pneumatics, reducing contamination and noise

  • Electric Cylinders in Standard Sizes
    Electric Cylinders in Standard Sizes

CASM electric cylinders by DUNKERMOTOREN are perfect for replacing pneumatic cylinders as their technology can also effectively reduce contamination, maintenance and noise. They also eliminate the need for hoses, running compressors and other equipment associated with operating pneumatic cylinders. Integration into existing systems is simplified as they are supplied as a complete package solution with features such as a user-interface which enables easy setup and operation, even for a non-expert.

Easy replacement

Whether high speed, high force or precision is needed, CASM linear servo actuators are a highly flexible solution for many applications. They are available in three modular options; CASM-32, CASM-40, CASM-63 and all specifically designed to seamlessly fit standard footprints of pneumatic cylinders. Stroke lengths range between 50 mm and 800 mm, load capacities from 300N to 5400N while speeds range from 60 mm/s to 1060 mm/s, depending on the model.

Wide field of applications

Aside from the various mounting configurations offered, customers can also specify the ball screw or lead screw version of their choice. From packaging to factory automation or food and beverage the CASM fits many different applications in various industries and is ideally suited for applications requiring precise and reliable repetitive motion. Full application support is available and custom solutions can be developed to satisfy particular demands.