Embedded Amplifier Photosensors

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They can detect glass or transparent objects

Sensor Technology

Embedded Amplifier Photosensors
Embedded Amplifier Photosensors

Sensormatic introduces the embedded amplifier photosensors of the ASG series, which can reliably detect glass or transparent objects also if inclined. Thanks to an unique optical system, realized by the use of two red LED light sources, a stable detection regardless of warpage or inclination of glass is assured. They are ideal for flush-mounting in robot end-effecter as they are only 4mm thin and have counterbores for M3 countersunk screw.

Both available versions have a wide activation range: ASG-S20R is the diffuse reflective type which detects a warped glass at 25mm distance ASG-Z15R is the convergent reflective sensor which detects a warped glass at 18mm distance The sensors are not activated by transparent glass in contact with the sensor. The ASG detects liquid crystal glass and large PCB with a wide curve securely.

Posted on June 27, 2016 - (824 views)
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