Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches

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A compatible housed standard receiver module for 868 MHz and 915 MHz offers several output interfaces

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Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches
Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches

The energy harvesting wireless switches for industrial applications from Cherry, a brand of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, are as of now available in two standardised package versions: as a rocker switch for actuation by hand and as a snap-action switch for mechanical actuation, e.g. by a machine as limit switch or position switch. Both variants are available for European (868 MHz) or North-American (915 MHz) frequency bands with a radio range of 30 m inside buildings and a minimum life of 100.000 operations. A compatible housed standard receiver module for 868 MHz and 915 MHz offers several output interfaces, an own power supply and is suitable for wall mounting. A flexible pairing allows for operation of several receivers with one switch (and vice versa). A 'unique ID' excludes a mutual interference between different RFswitches.

The energy harvesting wireless switches are an alternative for monitoring and managing industrial installations. The devices require no maintenance and increase the flexibility for the planning process in building and industrial automation as they require no complex and expensive cabling and can easily be retrofitted. Also available is an energy harvesting generator / generator with PCB. The component offers a high energy yield of 2 x min. 0,33 mWs, an operating temperature range of -40 up to +85°C, as well as a high operating life of up to 1.000.000 switching cycles. In addition to the core component, also the radio module (generator with PCB) is available for 868 MHz and 915 MHz frequency bands as standard.

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