Energy Saving Drives

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for commercial and industrial motors

Energy Saving Drives
Energy Saving Drives

The InnoSave ESMD is a unique energy saving drive designed to enable companies and organization to save energy and increase their bottom line profit, by reducing the amount of energy consumed by the motors running within their operation. It increases the effectiveness and productivity levels of commercial and industrial motors, helping companies reduce costs, minimize carbon footprint and gain improved ROI.

Energy saving in Variable Loads

Operating the motor in nominal speed with better motor efficiency and higher power factor. This mode of operation is effective in load levels of less than 50% of the maximum rated load allowing up to 30% of energy saving.

Soft Start capabilities

Smooth starting of the motor with full control of voltage and current, enables low inrush current of up to two times the nominal current and reduces the high energy consumption during motor start up.

The InnoSave ESMD saves energy by using a unique voltage control method algorithm with a closed loop feedback of various parameters (such as current and torque). At any torque level, the drive adjusts to the motor's highest efficiency mode of work.

The drives are suitable for three phase AC industrial motors, running on nominal speed with variable loads. The InnoSave ESMD solution is applicable to a wide variety of equipment: mixers, elevators, compressors, escalators, conveyors, centrifuges, granulators, fans, pumps and shredders.

Other benefits of the drive include:

  • Power Factor Correction resulting in less energy losses and investment needed in central power factor correction systems
  • high power quality, without additional harmonics to the motor and network
  • highly reduced maintenance
  • and motor protection against irregular failure conditions (overload, over voltage, motor over temperature etc.)

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