Enhanced CAM Software

New features for a better automation of the machining procedure

  • Enhanced CAM Software
    Enhanced CAM Software

Topsolid is France’s leading CAD/CAM software publisher for the mechanical industry. At the EMO show in Hannover, they will showcase the new features of their TopSolid’Cam software. The performance of this software is constantly improving, reducing average production times by 30% to 40%. First, the new Roll-in approach strategy increases the life duration of cutting tools by avoiding shocks when entering the material. A high-performance collision analysis mode has been built into drilling operations, 2D and 3D milling operations. This enables to control collisions between the finished part and the complete tool. In addition, TopSolid’Cam allows to divide the toolpath into usable tool lengths to automatically divide a machining operation into “n” machining operations according to a selected list of tools with different tool lengths. 

Facilitates the part transfer and pulling in mill-turning

The machining zones are determined according to the length of the tool and the diameter of its attachment. It also features three new part movements to facilitate part transfers and to allow parts to be pulled. The approach to hold part option automates and facilitates the approach of the sub spindle to the main spindle in order to hold the part. The part pulling option allows the part to be pulled with the sub spindle. The part transfer option automates and facilitates part transfers from the main spindle to the sub spindle. Last, a new drilling cycles and cylinders stacking feature has been added to the general milling/turning methods. Thus, it is possible to create and save complete jobs list that can be automatically applied to the new parts.

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