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Ex-light Fittings
Ex-light Fittings

Certified for use in Zones 2 and 22 in accordance with the European Directive (ATEX) and the IECEx standards the nLLK 10 T5 bi-pin fluorescent lamp light fittings from COOPER Crouse-Hinds is fitted with special Luxtronic EVG electronic ballast technology. Including end-of-life (EOL) set up and switch-off, the latter provides improved safety, lighting quality and significant energy savings. The options for either a loop in and out or through-wired arrangement, coupled with easy access terminals makes the fittings with a 16 mm diameter cost effective and easy to install. A double-sided safety lock, with 10 or 20 latch points enables the protective bowl to be hinged on both sides. This means that the light fitting can be mounted without having to be concerned with which way the bowl opens. The nLLK 10 series is ideally suited to indoor use in Zone 2/22 hazardous gas and dust areas, including oil refineries, chemical plants, onshore and offshore installations. The light fittings are also suitable for outdoor use in high ambient temperatures. The nLLK 10 series is protected to IP66 and operates in ambient temperatures from –25 to +50 ºC. Rated voltage is 220-240V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz. The series is currently available in two sizes: 2 x 14W HE and 2 x 28W HE. These versions can be fitted to the housings of existing nLLK 08, 18W or 36W T8 lamps, with or without through-wiring. A 2 x 35W HE version will be available later in 2011.

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Posted on May 17, 2011 - (1361 views)
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