Foreground Suppression Sensors

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Foreground Suppression Sensors
Foreground Suppression Sensors

Banner Engineering introduces the WORLD-BEAM QS18 adjustable-field foreground suppression sensors, designed to detect objects regardless of color, reflectivity, surface irregularities or background conditions. The sensor’s universal mounting design makes installation quick and easy, while a simple screwdriver adjustment allows for precise setup of the sensing range. With a compact and IP67-rated sealed housing, the QS18 adjustable-field sensors deliver an exceptional sensing solution for small or difficult-to-reach areas. These sensors operate in diffuse mode, detecting light returned by the background, but ignoring light returned by the object. If the sensor cannot see the background, the output switches on-indicating that the target object is present.  These compact sensors are available in two adjustable cutoff ranges: 15-40 mm and 30-200 mm.

Posted on April 29, 2010 - (1224 views)
Banner Engineering Belgium BVBA
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Banner Engineering is a global leader in the manufacturing of photoelectric sensors, indicator lights, vision sensors and vision lighting, machine safety systems, and wireless sensor networks.

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