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Free-standing Enclosure
Free-standing Enclosure

Rittal is now making its SE 8 enclosure system fit for extreme conditions in the North American market with the NEMA 4/4x protection category. While the SE 8 enclosure type has protection class NEMA 12 as default, the optional NEMA 4/4x version offers increased defence against wind-driven dust, rain, splashed water and water jets, as well as from damage caused by external ice formation. Electrical and electronic equipment in enclosures is therefore protected - even under demanding conditions. The enclosure has UL, cUL and NEMA 12 (IP55 equivalent) approvals as standard features, and this is sufficient for the majority of applications. With the optional NEMA 4 (for steel enclosures) and NEMA 4x classifications (for stainless steel ones), which roughly correspond to IP 66, the enclosure can now also be used in extreme applications, thanks to the improved dust and water protection.

Posted on January 22, 2014 - (489 views)
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