Flexibly Scalable Edge Cloud Data Center

All-in-one solution for quick processing

  • Rittal ONCITE Edge Cloud Data Center
    Rittal ONCITE Edge Cloud Data Center

Rittal introduced ONCITE, a highly available and flexibly scalable edge cloud data center equipped with a real-time capable edge cloud stack and a pre-installed, extensible industry-specific range of edge applications. It is an all-in-one edge solution for the quick processing and analyzing of industrial data at the production site. The factory-internal Edge Cloud data centre enables the digital transformation of the factory and at the same time the data sovereign adaptation to various digital production platforms

A compatible addition to the classic cloud platforms

The appliance brings together all the data of a company and via special connectors it can be made available to other partners or customers in such a way that the company retains control over data. For further data processing in multi-cloud systems up to the low-cost data storage with “green energy”, all data utilisation paths are open. Businesses can use the appliance for both hybrid and multi-cloud solutions and get the best of both worlds – data control and real-time capability combined with networking with other clouds.

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