Geared rotary actuators

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for many positioning applications

Vision & Identification

Geared rotary actuators
Geared rotary actuators
Geared rotary actuators
Geared rotary actuators

The MR geared rotary actuator range consists of three models of DC geared motors with integrated encoder or potentiometer, combined with worm gearboxes. With IP65 enclosure, a maintenance free design and IEC output dimensions, it suits a wide scope positioning applications. The first two models in the MR range have output torques of 3 and 15Nm respectively. DC motors at either 12 or 24V provide output speeds from 60 to 500r/min depending on the model and the ratio of the worm gearbox. A two channel encoder gives positioning or speed feedback at either 1 or 4 pulses per revolution. Depending on the gear ratio, this corresponds to between 12 and 276 pulses per revolution of the output shaft. The third model has a rated torque of 15Nm, but instead of the encoder it has two built-in stroke limit switches that can be set in a range from 20 to 140 revolutions of the output shaft and there is a 5kOhm rotary potentiometer for position feedback.

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