General Purpose Accelerometers

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With 360º cable and connector orientation

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General Purpose Accelerometers
General Purpose Accelerometers

Hermetically sealed with integral electronics, the Endevco model 7251A series piezoelectric accelerometers from Meggitt Sensing Systems are available in standard model sensitivity ranges from 500 to 10 mV/g with optional 150°C high-temperature and TEDS versions. The centrally located thru-bolt mounting hole of the series provides both 360° cable and connector orientation, allowing the sensor to offer a flat mounting surface, even when not fully perpendicular, for ease of use in a variety of applications. The series incorporates an annular shear piezoelectric sensing element, along with an internal hybrid signal conditioner, within a two-wire system. The system transmits its low-impedance voltage output through the same cable that supplies constant current power, with high-output sensitivity and wide bandwidth, while exhibiting low base strain sensitivity and high output stability over time. Weighing just 10.5 g, it effectively minimizes mass loading effects. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit and, when used with the supplied isolated mounting screw, it is electrically isolated from ground. The units are supplied with a 3 m cable, an isolated mounting screw and installation wrench.

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