Hazardous Area HMIs

Integrate a trackball & standard-/wide-screens

  • by R. STAHL
  • February 4, 2011
  • Hazardous Area HMIs
    Hazardous Area HMIs

Suitable for wall-mounted or upright stand-alone installation, R. STAHL's SCREEN-TEC T-Ex series HMIs feature a trackball and include 19", 22" and 24" display options, which provide standard and wide screen formats in zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas. The displays offer such functions, which are usually seen in office environments, as extended desktop or cloned desktop. Distributed operating stations can therefore now simultaneously display more pieces of process information on two or more screens, thereby increasing safety and plant availability. The trackball, which is equipped with five push-buttons, can be operated with one hand or with both hands. The membrane keyboard/trackball unit and the display unit are suitable for clean rooms and rough environments in the chemical and petrochemical industry: display and keyboard are covered by a special protective coating, sharp corners and edges have been rounded, and the stainless steel enclosure has a 240 grit finish. The flat enclosure can be opened easily and does not require much space. Users can choose between more than 30 languages and various individual layouts.

Edited by: Teoman Tugsuz