High-performance Belt

For the lift drive in rack feeders

  • High-performance Belt
    High-performance Belt

A high-performance belt for the lift drive in rack feeders, an engine mount for which natural rubber from dandelion roots is used, as well as robust and powerful rubber tracks - these are ContiTech's highlights on show at this year's Hannover Messe. In addition, an ultra-light flooring for the aviation market will be presented. From April 25 to 29, 2016, the rubber and plastic specialist will show all the things it can do with its materials expertise

Belt technology in the high-bay warehouse

Minimized wear and tear, lower maintenance, optimized positioning times: together with the supplier of intralogistics systems, LTW Intralogistics, and sales partner, Synchrotech, ContiTech has developed a new technology for the lift drive of rack feeders. This patented system can be used to position goods in high-bay warehouses quickly and precisely. At the heart of the development is a Synchrodrive timing belt from ContiTech. It is particularly long-lasting, low-maintenance, and does not require lubrication.

It thus meets the requirements of the intralogistics industry, particularly with regard to the payload in combination with the high fracture resistance that is required. The technology is based on the principle of the block and pulley - the "flashed belt drive" is currently a unique combination of two mechanical classics. It has already proven beneficial in series production. ContiTech is now going one performance class better. With the further-developed Synchrodrive belt, even higher pallet weights, larger accelerations, and lifting heights of 30 meters and more are possible.

This is achieved with a distance of 20 millimeters between the teeth, as opposed to 14 millimeters as was the case in the past. In the case of very high lifting heights, the high-performance belt features proportionally lower stretching - an advantage for the systems' key performance indicator. Up to five metric tons can be lifted with the Synchrodrive HTD 20M.