High Power Density - MJWI30 Series

For Space-critical Application 30W DC-DC Converter

  • High Power Density - MJWI30 Series
    High Power Density - MJWI30 Series

The MINMAX TECHNOLOGY MJWI30 series is 30Watt isolated DC-DC power modules with ultra-wide input ranges in the compact 1”x1” package measuring only 1.0×1.0×0.4”, offering a very high power density up to 75W/in3.

This level of integration offers system designers the opportunity to reduce overall PCB layout area or add more features into existing PCB profiles. The MJWI30 family of DC-DC converters consists of 14 models offering 9-36 or 18-75 VDC input ranges with single output models ranging 3.3–24 VDC and dual output models ±12V or ±15V delivering 30 Watts of output power.

All models feature: I/O Isolation of 1500VDC; key performance featuring high efficiency up to 90%; operating ambient temperature range of -40°C to +80°C ; faster start-up; fully regulated outputs with high precision; no minimum load requirement; very low no-load power consumption; shielded metal package; and under-voltage/overload/short-circuit protection.