High-Quality Compressed Air Serves Traditional Winery

ELGI’s AB series support the sustainable production of premium organic wine in the Languedoc region at a low lifecycle cost

  • Château Ollieux Romanis Winery
    Château Ollieux Romanis Winery

ELGi Compressors Europe, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Limited, a worldwide player in the air compressor manufacturers installed its the second AB ‘Always Better’ Series oil-free screw air compressor at Château Ollieux Romanis, a long-standing producer of premium organic wine, in the French Languedoc region. 


The  efficient rotors are best in class performance and optimal system configuration in single-stage operation. In addition to that life duration and performance of the compressor are enhanced due to fewer moving parts at low operating speeds.

“The AB series is built around a single stage water-injected screw element, with an inbuilt microbial inhibition and water replenishment system.The units are designed to run at low speeds and can operate at high ambient temperatures.” said Nils Blanchard, Representative of ELGi Compressors Europe. 

With a low lifecycle cost, high reliability, consistent air quality, and better return on investment, the ELGi AB Series delivers unmatched air quality in line with the ISO8573-1 plus ISO8573-7 compliance norms ensuring zero traces of microbial contaminants. 

Class “O” certified oil-free air solution

A no-compromise oil-free air solution. With the IS:10500:2012 certification for condensate water quality, the AB series also guarantees the safest compressed air for sensitive industry applications.

“The oil-free air guarantees oil-free nitrogen that we use during the blanketing process. Blanketing with oil-and micro-biologicallyfree nitrogen safeguards the wine from getting contaminated, and avoids variations intaste or colour, while ensuring the desired shelf life. " Pierre Bories, Owner of the Château Ollieux Romanis winery. "The AB series ensures oil-free air of the highest quality, in line with our mission to produce high quality, sustainable wine. Today we’re delighted to be expanding the system’s capacity by adding a second AB Series unit.”

Wine has been produced on the lands around Château Ollieux Romanis since the 11th century and in the late 1990s, the family-owned vineyard began implementing organic production methods.