Oil-free Screw Air Compressors

ELGi Expands its AB Series with the new AB11-22 range which meets the need for contaminant free air for small to medium sized Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and sensitive industry operations.

  • Oil-free Screw Air Compressors
    Oil-free Screw Air Compressors

ELGi Compressors Europe announced the expansion of its AB Series of oil free screw air compressors range with the introduction of the AB11-22. The four new air compressors denominated as the AB11, AB15, AB18 and AB22, expand this AB Series portfolio for smaller compressed air application needs but with the same design and reliability of the large units.

A no-compromise oil-free solution at reduced lifecycle costs

The whole ‘Always Better’ AB Series, from 11KW to 110KW, brings a disruption in oil-free compressed air technology. A no-compromise oil-free solution at reduced lifecycle costs when compared to prevailing oil-free technology, reliability and lower maintenance costs and class zero certified, contamination-free air for sensitive industry applications.

The new range fits the use for the food and beverage, small pharmaceutical and the dairy industry, as well as small electronics productions, and laboratories where compliance with stringent norms of ISO 8573-1 Class 0 and ISO 8573-7 air that is free of microbiological contaminants is crucial. In addition, the AB11-22 range provides savings in energy, efficient moisture separation, a smart cooling system and an optimal capacity control which leads to direct savings on power consumption.

“At ELGi our commitment to being ‘Always Better’ is seen in our solutions that meet our customers’ needs for more reliable and efficient compressed air solutions. The expansion of our AB range to cater for 11-22 kW air needs is an opportunity for small and medium-sized operations in sensitive industries to benefit from the unique advantages of our AB range of oil-free compressors,” said David De Pril, Head of Product Management and Marketing, ELGi Europe. “The AB11-22 is a single stage oil free screw compressor, available in different pressure versions from 7 up to 12barg, either fix speed or variable speed and equipped with a state-of-the-art controller. With the AB11-22 range we are bringing to the market class zero, ISO 8573-7 quality air with better reliability, reduced life cycle cost, lesser maintenance and consistent performance throughout the product life cycle – when compared to prevailing technologies.”

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