High Speed CMOS Camera

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400 images per second at 2320 x 1726 pixels

Automation, Vision & Identification

High Speed CMOS Camera
High Speed CMOS Camera

Achieving speeds of nearly 400 images per second, the VDS Vosskühler’s CMC-4000 camera offers a resolution of 2320 x 1726 pixels. Due to a reduction of the read-out area (ROI) the image rate can even be considerably increased. The camera is equipped with a global-shutter sensor exposing all pixels simultaneously, enabling the exact recording of fast moving objects. The CMOS sensor produces excellent low-noise images through 10 bit A/D converters and an internal fixed pattern noise correction. The digital data output is dual CameraLink (10-tap) with 8 bits per pixel.

Edited by: Teoman Tugsuz

Posted on June 17, 2011 - (2632 views)
VDS Vosskühler GmbH
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49084 Osnabrück - Germany
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