High-Speed Laser Marking System

For on-the-fly marking with up to 240 m/min

  • High-Speed Laser Marking System
    High-Speed Laser Marking System

Available in 10W, 20W and 30W, the new Panasonic Industry LP-RH CO2 laser marking systems are designed for industries that require speed and functionality. They offer improved marking and processing quality and mark moving objects on the fly at conveyor speeds of up to 240m/min, thanks to the ultra-fast galvanometer scanner. 
Some models of the series are ideal for marking small components with extremely fine markings due to their small laser beam diameter. Other models, with a shorter wavelength of 9.3µm, are ideal for marking transparent plastics such as PET or PC. The CO2 laser is also suitable for the marking of organic materials such as paper and wood.
Seamless workflow integration 

The start-up time has been significantly reduced from 90 to 15 seconds. This increases efficiency and avoids unwanted production interruptions. The engraving achieves impressive uniformity, speed and precision compared to the previous series, thanks to the newly integrated motor. The marking field of the series is up to 160x160 mm. A new scanning method for Data Matrix codes reduces cycle times by up to 40% without any loss of quality.
Fine adjustment of the focus setting is easy to use. Without moving the laser head, the working distance can be easily adjusted from -/+ 3 mm. This feature ensures accurate alignment and makes fine adjustment much easier and the process more efficient.
The updated Laser Marker NAVI smart PC software has a user-friendly interface. It simplifies maintenance history management and also informs the user when maintenance is required.