Hybrid stepper motor actuators

Designed to shorten stroke linear positioning tasks

  • Hybrid stepper motor actuators
    Hybrid stepper motor actuators

Heason Technology distributes MLA series stepper motor driven lead screw actuator, designed to shorten stroke linear positioning tasks. It includes integral antirotation guidance and, thanks to the rod-style, it can help to save time and cost of building support bearings, lead screws and coupling mechanics, where the torsional force free actuator fulfils all the componentry required for precision motion.

An all-in-one positioning component

Stepper motor driven positioning mechanics, including stepper actuators, usually require additional support components and an external anti-rotational device for the nut. As an all-in-one positioning component, the MLA can be easily integrated into space restricted and shorter travel linear axes automation tasks, reducing space and minimising the design and assembly requirements.

Designed for lower-speed positioning

An aluminium cover tube with moulded splines is included in the design, it houses the nut which is locked through integrated low-friction bushings that additionally enable the actuator rod to withstand small radial and moment loads. With NEMA type micro-stepping motors there are different frame sizes available, from 8 through 23 in single and double stack power ratings. The range covers maximum stroke lengths of up to approximately 38 mm for the smaller motors and 63.5 mm for the larger motors. Both precision and standard grade lead screws can be ordered with positioning accuracy of 250 microns/300 mm and 125 microns/300 mm respectively. Through the range, the maximum linear force, which is speed dependant, is around 100 Newtons for the NEMA 8 frame motor and 600 Newtons for the size 23 (at lower speeds). The MLA series is designed for lower-speed positioning in the range of 25 to 250 mm/sec and best suited to space constrained low-force positioning tasks that require high repeatability.

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