IE4 Geared Motor

Modular in stainless steel

  • IE4 Geared Motor
    IE4 Geared Motor

Bauer Gear Motor recently launched a stainless steel IE4 efficiency geared motor. The PMSM synchronous motors offer improved efficiency when compared to induction motors, even under partial load conditions. In real life application examples they have been shown to offer energy savings of over 40% when compared to a standard, asynchronous motor. The stainless steel modular geared motor is designed with surfaces which slope by at least 3° to prevent the formation of dirt deposits and allow the run-off of cleaning agents and water. The stainless steel construction eliminates the risk of the hygiene rating becoming compromised in the event of an impact or over prolonged periods of use in heavy washdown environments, making it applicable in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.

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