In-line Turbine Flow Meters

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Manufactured for pure water dispensing

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Titan in-line flow meters for pure water dispensing
Titan in-line flow meters for pure water dispensing

Titan’s 800-Series turbine flow meter is engineered to bring high performance over 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 liters per minute. This type of flow device designed for dispensing liquids, such as pure water, is able to fulfill critical roles in measuring the rate of flow and volume of pure water in areas comprising laboratory water purification dispensers, semiconductor cleaning processes and in more and more pharmaceutical applications. 

Any flow device is constructed from clean materials that cannot contaminate the fluids being measured

The 800-Series’ totally non-metallic wetted components make it suitable for highly repeatable dispensing (+/- 0.1%) of pure water. Its bearings are made of sapphire for long life and reliability, the body is moulded from inert PVDF to make sure there is no contamination to any fluid passing through it. When it comes to ultra-pure water dispensing applications, clean bore devices such as the Atrato or Metraflow ultrasonic in-line flow meters are the devices of choice with excellent accuracy over very wide flow ranges (0.002 to 20 liters / minute).

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