Inductive IO-Link Sensor

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With adjustable switching distance

Sensor Technology

Inductive IO-Link Sensor
Inductive IO-Link Sensor

Balluff offers an inductive IO-Link sensor with adjustable switching distance. The flush-mounting, teachable BES sensor in M 12x1 design with a switching distance of 0.5...2 mm offers full IO-Link convenience. Now it is possible even during sensor configuration to check whether it records the correct distance to the object being detected. Once taught, it can be switched to SIO mode; it then functions as a regular standard sensor.

The configured sensor operates only in the safe working range. Damage to the machine and sensor, e.g., due to objects positioned too closely, can thereby be reliably prevented. For example, rotary indexing tables can be optimally controlled or targets that approach the detection range from the side in linear motions can be perfectly adapted to the sensor.

The new sensor is good for use anywhere machine damages are to be avoided and distance values are to be remotely monitored. Special advantages result when used with serial machines, since IO-Link can typically load the parameter data on all sensors in the machine simultaneously without manual teaching after final assembly. This saves time and reduces the error rate. Like always with IO-Link, the sensor is connected via a simple, unshielded standard cable.

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