Industrial-Grade ATX Mainboard

Intel C612 chipset is particularly suitable for industrial applications

  • Industrial-Grade ATX Mainboard
    Industrial-Grade ATX Mainboard

Fujitsu presents the industrial-grade ATX mainboard D3348-B. The mainboard is available with Intel® processors from the Xeon E5-2xx [V3], Xeon E5-16xx [V3], and Core i7 58xx/59xx series. Thanks to DDR4 memory technology, it offers significant performance increases compared to previous generations. The product is not based on the X99 chipset, but the C612 chipset by Intel. The C612 chipset is particularly suitable for industrial applications because it supports Intel Standard Manageability and Intel vPro technology for remote management as well as Trusted Execution Technology (TXT). Furthermore, the chipset provides optimised support for Xeon processors and ECC memory. Long-term availability of the Fujitsu D3348-B mainboard, an aspect of particular importance for embedded applications, is ensured by the fact that the C612 chipset is likely to remain available until 2021. The X99 chipset, on the other hand, is expected to be discontinued in 2016.

By using solid capacitors, Fujitsu can specify the D3348-B for a service life of 45,000 hours in 24/7 continuous operation. In tests carried out by Fujitsu, comparable products with aluminium capacitors only reached a service life of 12,000 hours. Another factor contributing to the long service life of the Fujitsu board is the smart design of the board. The low total number of components employed on the board and the use of high-efficiency voltage transformers also reduce heat generation, thus improving service conditions.

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