Infrared Detector

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High sensitivity measurements in the 5µm band

Sensor Technology

Infrared Detector
Infrared Detector

Providing peak sensitivity at 4.9µm, Hamamatsu Photonics’ P11120-201 InArSb detector operate at up to 5.9µm with a detectivity (D*) of 5x109. Its photodiode has a planar structure and photovoltaic operation, which ensures a high speed response, excellent linearity and high reliability. A typical rise time of 400ns has been achieved with this detector structure. The detector’s peak sensitivity can be shifted to longer wavelengths by altering the As and Sb composition ratio. Hence, tailor made InAsSb solutions are available. The detector does not require LN2 cooling but instead uses a TE cooler at -30 °C. It is housed in a compact TO-8 package. It is suited to applications including gas analysis; with the detector covering a wide range of molecular absorption wavelengths, in particular for CO2, SOx, CO and NOx. Possible use includes industrial inspection, thermometry (radiometry), thermal imaging, remote sensing, FTIR and IR spectrophotometry.

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