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Infrared Inspection Windows
Infrared Inspection Windows

With the launch of its new Platinum Series infrared inspection windows IRISS introduces a polymer alternative to fluoride crystal windows that is impact resistant and which carries an unlimited lifetime warranty against breakage. The capabilities of this IR window are made possible by the new Poly-View System patented clear polymer. The new product exceeds industry standards as an IR window suitable for electrical inspection in the UV, visual and all three infrared spectrums. A fixed and stable transmission rate is assured for accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis. It helps companies comply with NFPA 70E electrical safety standards and is fully certified and tested to UL, IEE, IP65/NEMA 4, Lloyds of London and the American Bureau of Shipping standards. The window is reinforced by an aluminium honeycomb grill and is not degraded by acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration or high frequency noise. The IR window is available in both round and rectangular window shapes with customizable features such as housing materials, gaskets, covers, locking devices, private labelling and colour.

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IRISS manufactures the world's first and only industrial-grade infrared windows. They allow efficient and safe infrared electrical surveys to be conducted, reducing risk and cutting associated costs.

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