Infrared Thermal Cameras

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Captures images at >62,000 fps

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Infrared Thermal Cameras
Infrared Thermal Cameras

Allowing the capturing of thermal images at rates >62,000 fps, the SC7000 Series of infrared cameras from FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) provide Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link and USB interfaces for maximum flexibility and performance. Thus, individual video frames can provide still images of a fast moving target or thermal event, referred to as stop-motion imaging. The cameras also feature simultaneous digital and analogue outputs, and are available in multiple wavebands, detector resolutions, and lens configurations. Their fast frame rates, plus adjustable and triggered integration times, allows capturing of fast moving objects and those with rapidly changing temperatures. Whether the application calls for stop-motion or a video sequence, high-speed IR cameras can supply images of fast-moving objects with minimal blur. The SC7000 series prevents blurring through fast data acquisition and high thermal sensitivity. Hence, it is to capture a sequence and play it back in slow motion.
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