Inovance Launches PLC, Servo Drives, & Motion Controllers at SPS 2022

Attending the SPS Nuremberg trade show for the first time, Inovance Technology Europe presents the European face of a fast-growing $3 billion industrial automation company, through four new products.

  • November 16, 2022
  • Inovance at SPS 2022
    Inovance at SPS 2022
  • SV670 servo series
    SV670 servo series
  • SV680 servo drive
    SV680 servo drive
  • GL20 I/O modules
    GL20 I/O modules
  • Easy Series PLC
    Easy Series PLC

At SPS 2022, Inovance Technology Europe, the Stuttgart-based European arm of global industrial automation company Inovance, announced the  launch of four new products for the European market: the high performance Easy Series PLC, the GL20 I/O modules, the AC703 IPC motion controllers, and the SV670 servo series. The company also re-presented the MD800 compact AC drive which has never before been seen at the SPS show, and gave an advanced preview of the SV680 servo drive.

The hidden champion

At the SPS in-person press conference, Inovance first reported about its rapid growth, both globally and in Europe, revealing that global sales have hit $3 billion over the last three years. The company then showed how they have invested significantly in Europe for the long-term. Benefetting from a wide team in Europe, the company spreads across an office network that includes Stuttgart (the European HQ), Bordeaux, Milan, Istanbul, and Barcelona, as well as a network of European distributors. Looking at its Stuttgart HQ, Inovance has important R&D facilities for the development of real-time machine control software. Additionally the company has employed a team of product managers who work closely with OEM customers to understand and define the optimal solution for their needs, alongide with a strong team of European applications engineers to advise and support customers. 

A complete motion solution package

Inovance's complete motion solution package includes motion controllers, servo drives with EtherCAT and servo motors, HMIs, and LV and MV AC drives. Showcased during SPS, the four new products were: the Easy Series PLC, the GL20 I/O modules, the AC703 IPC motion controller, and the SV670 servo drive. The Easy Series is a high performance, compact, EtherCAT-enabled PLC. The highly compact GL20 I/O modules are 2/3 smaller than Inovance’s previous generation product, and offer a minimum cycle time of 125 microseconds. The AC703 IPC motion controller offers a CODESYS (IEC 61131-3) programming environment, up to 32 axes control, a Webvisu server, EoE support, IIoT capability and safe shut-down (without the need for an additional UPS). Finally, the SV670 single-axis pulse servo drive offers high performance, enhanced functionality, and true flexibility.

Meanwhile, alongside the product launches, Inovance offered a preview of the SV680 servo drive with advanced functional safety functions - including FSoE, and extremely high performance, and also presented the MD800 AC multidrive at SPS for the first time. While MD800 was launched late last year, it has never been seen at the Nuremberg show until now due to last year’s cancellation. MD800 is a compact AC multidrive that is designed to answer the call of European OEMs for reduced installation costs and smaller machine cabinets.

David Bedford Guaus, Strategic Marketing Manager for AC drives and servos at Inovance Technology Europe, says: “It is a very exciting time for Inovance Technology Europe right now. With the resources of a $3 billion global corporation behind us, we are investing heavily in Europe for growth, and are constantly winning new customers and recruiting new staff. Unlike many drives and automation companies at the moment, we are able to supply product immediately and with very short lead times.”

“There are two things that are particularly exciting about Inovance for me: one is the chance to play a big part in building a pan-European company from the ground up. The other is our product range. We have one of the most complete product ranges of any industrial automation company, as reflected in the fact that, in 2021, we invested 9.4% of revenues, and fully 20% of our global headcount, into R&D. Our product range includes: LV and MV AC drives, servos, motion control, PLCs, HMIs, CNCs, and industrial and SCARA robots”. 

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