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Inspection Tool
Inspection Tool

Expanding the capabilities of In-Sight vision systems, the In-Sight Explorer 4.5 from Cognex includes an all-in-one edge and surface inspection tool, an all-in-one bead width and position tool, and a robust ID tool that reads multiple codes at one time, allowing In-Sight cameras to read barcodes and provide inspections simultaneously. The flexible flaw detection (FFD) edge and surface inspection tool works for both color and grayscale applications and is used to inspect for boundary defects, such as conformity of shape, and surface defects like stains and scratches. FFD can also be used for print inspections, like inspecting screened logos for defects. It also gives users the flexibility to select accuracy versus speed requirements and the ability to ignore defects during system run time. In-Sight Explorer 4.5 also includes two new EasyBuilder user interface tools, Bead Finder and Bead Tracker. Both are easy-to-use tools that find positional defects and width-based defects and gaps, and also provide all bead data needed for process control. Also added, ReadIDMax is based on the powerful and field-proven ID algorithms, 1DMax and 2DMax, for 1-D barcode and 2-D matrix code reading. ReadIDMax adds the ability to read up to 128 codes at one time regardless of the position of the code in the field-of-view. Now, end users can read multiple codes and inspect parts simultaneously. In-Sight Explorer 4.5 also includes communication enhancements that include support for CIP-Sync, a precision clock synchronization protocol and UDP communication. Camera control commands can be sent from Mitsubishi PLC using MC Protocol.

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