Vision System

For energy management

  • Vision System
    Vision System

The VPVision from VPInstruments enables to control factory efficiency and energy management, by overviewing all energy usage patterns flowing through any installation. It provides advanced web-based energy monitoring and is suitable for any energy management environment under ISO 50001 certification. New features like specific power for overall system efficiency in kW/m3n/min or Wh/m3n have been added, as consumption overview for vision or total consumption per user/division, and in comparison with values of the previous period. 

Key Performance Indicator

The VPVision also features a key Performance Indicator module that monitors efficiency and optimization targets. In addition, the compressor analysis module defines compressors more accurately including type of compressor, load/unload cycles and stages, resulting in improved analysis of compressor performance. Furthermore, the new alarm report module features an alarm log and statistics.

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