4-in-1 Flow Meter

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Measures mass flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Sensor Technology, Test & Measurement

4-in-1 Flow Meter
4-in-1 Flow Meter

VPInstruments, measurement and monitoring equipment for compressed air and gas manufacturer and supplier introduces the patented VPFlowScope® DP - the specialist measurement tool for hot and saturated compressed air

An ultimate measurement tool to measure and monitor compressor performance & efficiency

The patented VPFlowScope® DP flow meter is an ultimate measurement tool to measure and monitor compressor performance & efficiency. As a 4-in-1 sensor this measures mass flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously. The VPFlowScope DP is engineered for hot and saturated measurement conditions, thus the measure can be done in the discharge pipe of a compressor.

The patented design has a bright blue LCD display that delivers real-time information. In combination with the built-in data logger, it enables the user to make recordings for certain periods of time. With the VPStudio software, the user can process this data and print reports for real-time measurements. Last, through the latest updates and improvements, the reliability of VPFlowScope® DP is enhanced, especially for wet compressed air.

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