Digital Gauge Pressure Sensor

Gel-protected pressure sensor for relative pressure up to 2 bar

  • Digital Gauge Pressure Sensor
    Digital Gauge Pressure Sensor

Media resistant relative pressure sensors like the MS5547 from AMSYS are used in very different areas, such as in medical technology, but also in e-cigarettes. Both a biocompatible silicone gel and a particularly robust Flour gel are available. The new MS5547 offers maximum accuracy in the range of -200 ... +2200 mbar. The pressure and temperature data can be read out in 24-bit format via I²C or SPI. The 11 correction coefficients stored in the sensor enable external compensation down to an accuracy (TEB) of less than 5 mbar.

Suitable for reflow soldering

The biocompatible plastic housing is sealed with a 2 x 1 mm² O-ring and the overall size of the sensor is only 4 x 4 x 4.4 mm³. The sensor is exposed to atmospheric pressure through a little hole in the ceramic under the sensor. The sensors are suitable for reflow soldering and are of course RoHS and REACH compliant.