Ceramic Pressure Sensor

For use with liquid or aggressive media

  • Ceramic Pressure Sensor
    Ceramic Pressure Sensor

The ME790 pressure sensor designed by AMSYS allows cost-efficient large-scale production with various applications not only for pharmaceutical and medical technology, but also in the industrial sector and building technology. Thanks to the flush ceramic diaphragm, this sensor has hygienic advantages as it is easy to clean and less susceptible to deposits.

Accuracy of up to 1%FS and good overpressure characteristics

The electronics mounted on the backside of the ceramic membrane avoids disturbing noises due to short signal paths. It is highly resistant against most aggressive chemicals. Designed in the common 18 mm diameter, this pressure sensor enables an accuracy of up to 1%FS and good overpressure characteristics. The electrical connection of the ME790 can be easily achieved either via solder pads, cables, plugs or spring contacts.

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