Compact Barometric Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Sensor

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Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2

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Compact Barometric Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Sensor
Compact Barometric Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Sensor

This barometric wireless pressure sensor will be presented this autumn by AMSYS, among its 4506 series. The AMS 4506 comes in a small, compact, and robust plastic housing (35 x 25 x 13.5 mm³) and fits the use for barometric pressure measurement and vacuum monitoring. One of its key characteristics is to be used in places which are difficult to access such as wind turbines, or in applications that are unsuitable for cable laying such as machines with a rotary axis or in closed systems, containers and rooms. The measured data can then be retrieved from distance through Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2.

Readout options and silicon pressure cell

For more safety, three options are available when it comes to collect data from the sensor. Battery powered, the sensor can communicate via Bluetooth on a gateway base linked to a network using a program on the local desktop or via a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone within a given area. Thus, the sensor can send data even if the local network or power supply is down

The AMS 4506 wireless pressure sensors are based on a piezoresistive silicon pressure cell, an integrated temperature sensor, an evaluation circuit (ASIC) and a Bluetooth module. The ASIC enables the conversion of the piezoresistive effect into a DC voltage and digitizes the signal by an internal 24-bit ADC. Moreover, the temperature is measured and digitized for temperature compensation. The Bluetooth module processes the digital 24-bit values for pressure and temperature and then sends the data to the smartphone, tablet or AMS Bluetooth gateway at a preset transmission interval. The gateway is based on a web page application that can be displayed in a web browser. 

Accuracy and battery power supply

Each sensor is individually calibrated, temperature compensated and tested. Thereby an accuracy of typ. ±2 mbar in the measuring range of 300 - 1200 mbar @25 °C can be achieved. The temperature accuracy is ±1 °C @25 °C. The sensor is designed for a pressure range of 300 - 1200 mbar and for the extended pressure range of 10 - 2000 mbar. The temperature range is between 0 and 85 °C. The height resolution at sea level is about 13 cm. The radio range is approx. 100 m in free field.

The sensor is powered by a CR2032 battery cell with battery holder located under the lid. The compressed air measurement is done via a small panel on the outer wall. Thanks to its small size, the sensor can be easily mounted on smooth surfaces or inside a device using double-sided adhesive tape. In addition, there is a drilled hole with a diameter of 3.2 mm on the left and right side for easy mounting. This allows the sensor to be used quickly and access the measurement data easily via the app or gateway. 

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