Analog Humidity and Temperature Sensors

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Analog Humidity and Temperature Sensors
Analog Humidity and Temperature Sensors

AMSYS presents the HTU (F) 3500 analog humidity sensors in a small plug and play plastic housing (27 x 12 x 7 mm³). Extensive environmental tests confirm the almost universal suitability of these sensors.

The humidity sensors consist of a capacitive measuring cell, an integrated temperature sensor and an integrated circuit (ASIC). This ASIC allows the conversion of the capacitive signal into a DC voltage and digitizes the signal in an internal ADC. In addition, the temperature is measured with help of an NTC, recorded and digitized for temperature compensation. In a DAC, the digital pressure values are converted back into analog values after the calibration and are then available at the output. The 4-digit mV values for the humidity and the 6-digit resistance values for the temperature can be easily converted into the relative humidity (% R.H.) and to the temperature (° C) via a look-up table.

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