Compact Pressure and Vacuum Switch

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PICO Pressure Switch from AMSYS
PICO Pressure Switch from AMSYS

Through a cooperation with MP-Sensor, Amsys introduced the PICO as an extremely compact pressure switch with IO-Link. It measures pressures from -1 to 12 bar and can also be used as a manometer thanks to its rotatable display. This pressure switch can be programmed with two separate outputs via buttons or remotely via IO-Link. With a very slim design and its low weight, the PICO is suitable for monitoring vacuum lifters as well as monitoring end-of-arm tools on production robots. 

Considerable energy savings through the pressure-dependent control of the vacuum generators by adjustable hysteresis - separately parameterizable reset point

Furthermore, the parameters can also be quickly and easily adjusted to the respective application via buttons and display. The rotable display provides immediate feedback on the control variable. The sensors can also be subsequently integrated into a manufacturer-independent industry 4.0-compliant sensor network via an IO-Link-compatible output. A central warning system (predictive maintenance) can thus be easily implemented, and operations and programming can be done remotely. Even without direct access to the plant, it can be monitored. 

Due to a 250 mA load capacity each of the outputs can switch many valves directly without relay stages

Relative pressures from -1 to 12 bar are connected via the G1/8" external thread (optionally NPT 1/8"), the electrical connection is made via an M12 or M8 plug, which also supplies the supply voltage of 10..30 V. With its display and key operation on the one hand and its IO-Link capability on the other, AMSYS offers with the PICO a pressure switch that combines both simple handling on site and sustainability for an integration in future viable networks.

Posted on July 27, 2020 - (986 views)
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