Modular Encoders for Precise Motor Control

Compact, flat, and lightweight models with high resolution and fine accuracy

  • Modular Encoders for Precise Motor Control
    Modular Encoders for Precise Motor Control

Lika Electronic's AMM33 miniature encoder is equipped with a 6 mm blind hollow shaft and is ideally suited for integration into very small size motors. The SMAR1 off-axis encoder fits perfectly into hollow shaft motors and axes with larger diameter up to 18 mm. 

Energy harvesting technology

The AMM33 is absolute and multiturn and integrates the Energy Harvesting Technology for battery- and gear-less operation. It can be equipped with SSI and BiSS interfaces. The singleturn resolution is up to 18 bits, the number of turns is up to 24 bits.

The SMAR1 has both incremental and absolute outputs (Line Driver, SSI, BiSS, and SPI). Incremental version offers a resolution up to 65,536 PPR and additional UVW commutation signals. The absolute version has a resolution between 16 and 35 bits and additional TTL signals for speed control.

To fulfil specific customer requirements mechanical and electrical characteristics can be customized.