Off-axis Modular Rotary Encoder

Available in both incremental and absolute versions

  • Off-axis Modular Rotary Encoder
    Off-axis Modular Rotary Encoder

Lika offers the SMAR as an off-axis modular encoder to be paired with the MRA magnetic ring. It is designed in an open PCB (readhead) and an ultra-flat ring with max. 18 mm through bore. The readhead is compact and low profile, the ring is very thin and magnetized axially. The range of the operating temperature can be widened to -25°C +110°C. Incremental version provides Line Driver AB0 /AB0 signals with resolution up to 65,536 PPR. It also adds UVW /UVW commutation signals for brushless motor feedback in a large number of pole pairs (1 to 16) to fit each BLDC motor.

Suitable for integration into robotic joints, hollow shaft motors and more

Absolute versions are available with SSI, BiSS, and SPI interface and offer max. 19 bit singleturn resolution and 65,536 turns as well as additional incremental signals for speed control. SMAR is perfect for integration into robotic joints, hollow shaft motors, direct drive torque motors, brushless and servo motors, OEM equipment. It is also available in redundant version for applications that require a higher safety level.

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