Optical Kit Encoder Range AMM

For robots and motors

  • Optical Kit Encoder Range AMM
    Optical Kit Encoder Range AMM

Lika Electronic released the AMM, an extensive range of optical absolute encoders designed in a kit module. They are distinguished by their small size, low profile, minimum weight, high resolution and fine accuracy. The encoders have a very compact and low profile frameless package with a through hollow shaft for installation in robot joints and through hollow shaft motors (such as in direct drive torque motors). The elimination of parts that add size also gives the advantage of reducing cost.

Fitting common motor sizes

Designed to fit common motor sizes with shaft diameters up to 50 mm and an average thickness of 12.5 mm, they are supplied pre-calibrated and the assembly process is limited to a few seconds. The range of the operating temperature is -40°C to +100°C.

AMM kit encoders provide digital position feedback information via SSI, BiSS, and RS-485 interfaces. The resolution is up to 21 bit singleturn and up to 40 bit multiturn. Accuracy is in the range of ±0.010°. An additional incremental track further yields up to 1024 Sine/Cosine 1Vpp signals for speed feedback and interpolation.

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