Custom Modular Encoders and Rings

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Engineered for motor test benches

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Custom Modular Encoders and Rings
Custom Modular Encoders and Rings

Lika Electronic offers a variety of tailor-made solutions for motor test systems. SMRA magnetic modular encoder can be paired with a range of custom size rings to meet specific motor testing requirements. SMRA has a robust and space-saving design. It is small in footprint and weight and can be integrated comfortably also in constricted spaces. Thanks to bearingless and contactless mechanics, friction and hysteresis error are eliminated, and the measuring system is preserved from wear and fatigue. 

Suitable for installation in large diameter shafts up to 110 mm (4.33”) and high speeds up to 15,000 rpm

Electronics is fully overmoulded and ensures a high degree of protection (up to IP68) under severe environments. The sensing head can be paired with a wide selection of custom size rings to reach the highest level of customization of the test stands. Absolute resolution is up to 16,384 cpr with SSI and BiSS interfaces.

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