Off-axis Modular Encoder

Designed for SIL2 / PLd Functional Safety

  • Off-axis Modular Encoder
    Off-axis Modular Encoder

The SMAR off-axis modular encoder is engineered by Lika to be integrated into functional afety systems which require SIL2 Safety Integrity Level and PLd Performance Level. It operates redundantly and is equipped with two fully independent reading systems. Two PCB reading heads with separate power supply and interface circuits are mounted over the single MRA magnetic ring. The encoder achieves a Hardware Fault Tolerance of 1. In spite of the redundant construction, the encoder is still compact and light. It can be easily integrated into space and weight critical applications such as robots, robotic joints, brushless motors, servomotors. 

Offered in incremental and absolute versions

SMAR is fitted for applications where a high functional safety level is required, for example in collaborative robotics. The shaft diameter is up to 25 mm. It is offered in incremental and absolute versions. Incremental version provides HTL and TTL signals with additional UVW /UVW commutation signals. Its resolution is up to 65536 PPR, while absolute versions are available with SSI, BiSS or SPI interface. They offer a resolution up to 19 bits and provide additional TTL signals.

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