Miniature and Off-axis Modular Encoders

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Directly integrable into robotic systems, motors and electromedical equipment

Electronics & Electricity

Miniature and Off-axis Modular Encoders
Miniature and Off-axis Modular Encoders

Lika Electronic offers modular encoders which are compact, flat and lightweight. They excel in high resolution and fine accuracy. The range includes AMM36 miniature encoder and SMAR 1 off-axis encoder. Both offer a hollow shaft design for direct integration into robotic systems, motors, and electromedical equipment. Both can fit common motor sizes and shafts and can be shaped to virtually fit any package

The mechanical and electrical characteristics can be customized to match specific requirements

AMM36 is available in both singleturn and multiturn versions with SSI, BiSS, and RS-485 interfaces and additional Sine/Cosine track, with a resolution of up to 21-bit singleturn and 40-bit multiturn. SMAR1 has both incremental and absolute outputs (Line Driver, SSI, BiSS, and SPI). Incremental version offers a resolution up to 65,536 PPR and additional UVW /UVW commutation signals. The absolute version has a resolution between 15 and 19 bits and additional TTL signals for speed control. 

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