Absolute Linear Encoder for Long Measuring Lengths

Compact readhead for measuring lengths up to 32.7 meters with resolution down to 1µm

  • Absolute Linear Encoder for Long Measuring Lengths
    Absolute Linear Encoder for Long Measuring Lengths

The SMA21 absolute linear encoder from Lika Electronic provides fine resolution down to 1 µm and high accuracy of ±2 µm at fast speed up to 10 m/s. It is ideally suited for challenging applications over very long measuring lengths up to 32.7 m (107.28 ft) where small size, fine resolution and great accuracy are mandatory such as in linear motors, product handling equipment, storage equipment, cutting machines, pick & place lines and robots, electronic assembly systems, printing and measuring machinery, electro-medical instruments, machine tools.

The measuring system combines the encoder with the MTA-A154 tape, that encodes two tracks: the true absolute pattern for position information and a 2 mm (0.078”) pole pitch incremental track for speed feedback. It is shrunk down in width to 10 mm only (0.39”). The MTA-A154 tape is insensitive to dust, oil, grease, water, and common chemical agents, thus the measuring system can reliably operate in the most aggressive industrial environments. Combined with the minimized dimensions of the sensing head it is very compact and slim for installation in tight spaces.

Robust design for up to 1 million cycles

High-quality and selected electronics are fully overmoulded and resin-coated, so the encoder can guarantee IP67-rated environmental protection along with immunity to contaminants and interference. By virtue of the non-contact operation, the SMA21 is virtually wear and maintenance-free and ensures strong reliability throughout its operating life. An additional diagnostic LED shows the correct installation and alignment of the sensor and other information. The SMA21 delivers the absolute information through the BiSS-C, SSI, and Panasonic interfaces and the incremental information through the AB Line Driver incremental output circuit. It is equipped with first-rate components and a high-flex cable especially suited for use in cable drag chains. It is tested for more than 1 million cycles to ensure a long product life.