Modular Encoders for Robots & Motors

Compact & lightweight

  • Modular Encoders for Robots & Motors
    Modular Encoders for Robots & Motors

Lika Electronic offers a complete range of modular encoders and magnetic rings as well. Compact, lightweight, and capable of high resolution and accuracy, encoders are ideally suited for integration into robotic applications such as robotic joints and motors. The wide variety of mechanical and electrical options can also be customized.

Among the available solutions are SMAR and SMAB, they both offer off-axis installation. SMAR has frameless design while SMAB is fully encapsulated with IP69K protection. They are paired with rings having shaft diameters from 14 to 80 mm.

The most recent encoder solution

SMA3 is the most recent encoder solution. It is equipped with Multiple Pitch Technology, i.e. it is able to adapt the dimension of the magnetic pole to the size of the circumference of any custom ring. It can be paired with rings up to over 6 m in diameter and has a resolution down to 0.29 µm.

Lika also designs and manufactures a huge variety of rings, segmented rings, arcs, and curved structures complete with magnetic tape. Dimensions, materials, and mounting methods can be evaluated from time to time in order to fit each application exactly.

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