VPFlowScope: Measure Technical Gases Accurately!

In order to measure technical gases accurately, to maintain better process control, and achieve cost savings, VPFlowScope from VPInstruments is the way to go!

  • VPFlowScope: Measure Technical Gases Accurately!
    VPFlowScope: Measure Technical Gases Accurately!

Technical gases are used in a vast number of industries and can come at a great cost. These technical gases require extremely careful management. The overflow or leakage of these gases can frequently result in hazardous working conditions and has an adverse impact on the environment within the industrial site. Without proper insights and actions, it can increase the possibility of serious mishaps, unanticipated maintenance, production pauses, and cost overruns. In order to measure technical gases accurately, to maintain better process control, and achieve cost savings, VPFlowScope from VPInstruments is the way to go! 

The VPFlowScope flow meters are perfect for measuring all sorts of gases like nitrogen, CO2, oxygen, helium, argon, Corgon and other industrial gases. With the flow meters, you'll be able to see exactly where, when, and how much gas is being used. They can help you discover leakages, incompetent use, large consumers, and overdue maintenance that may be costing you money.

The flow meters use actual data to justify improvement investments and maintenance management to allocate cost and subsequently to save money and energy. The meters are designed to be easy to use and affordable. With the VPFlowScope, you can measure mass flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow all in one device.

The flow meters also measure bi-directional flow. With our versatile outputs, you can connect your VPFlowScope to any BMS or energy management system. 

The VPFlowScope offers a versatile range of flow meters like the following:

  • VPFlowScope In-line: The ideal flowmeter for point of use consumption measurement. It is perfect for smaller diameters where it produces all the data you need to optimize your technical gas consumption.
  • VPFlowScope M: It is the next-generation flow meter with a built-in Ethernet (Modbus/TCP) interface, making it easy to connect directly to any network. The thermal mass flow sensor is an insertion type flow meter to measure clean and dry gas in pipes from 1” and up. 
  • VPFlowScope DP: The ultimate measurement tool to take measurements in saturated and hot gas conditions. This insertion type flow meter can be used for mobile and permanent measurements. 


To support the right investment decision, it is recommended to have reliable and accurate flow meters. Some flow meters come with a gas correction factor. This combined with installation errors, your flow meter can deviate easily 10% and more. To support proper improvement decisions, it is recommended to have an accurate flow meter that is calibrated with your special gas.

Good news is at VPInstruments we got you covered. Along with our VPFlowScope range for accurate measurements, we also offer gas calibration services to ensure your measurements are always precise.

VPInstruments offers her calibration services at a state-of-the-art calibration facility. Our calibration equipment is maintained under our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and is traceable to National Standards.

If you're interested in knowing how VPFlowScope helped reduce argon costs by 50% at a car manufacturing unit, read the article here. This could help you decide how to save costs in your own business!